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Rev. Brian Oxburgh

Locum Minister

Originally from the Glasgow area, I was called to ministry and during my student years I was offered pulpit supply by a young minister in Busby, Rev Lawrence Whitley. I was ordained and inducted in Dunnichen, Letham and Kirkden in July 1980, then in June 1988 I went to Saltcoats where I served until early 2011. From there I went to Tayport until retiring to Carnoustie in October 2019. My wife and I were members of Carnoustie Church which became part of a union of churches, and so we are now members of Carnoustie Trinity since 1st January this year.

At my ordination the preacher was Rev Graham Leitch from Ferryden. I have four children and six grandchildren. Our third daughter was baptised by Rev Philip Malloch, also from Ferryden.

Over the years I have been both a primary and secondary school chaplain, serving on the now extinct School Boards.

I was heavily involved in many aspects of Presbytery work in the past from which I was relieved to be free of when I retired. I am now fighting a rear guard action to prevent being drawn in all over again. (I have finally learnt to say ‘No’.)

All her life my wife, Linda has had concern for the persecuted church. She worked for Release International for 10 years, and we have had the privilege of hosting visiting church leaders from persecuted lands and have been able to visit Suffering Christians in several countries, including a visit as recently as last summer.

It is an honour to be invited to be with you as a locum and I look forward to working with Gavin, Ian, and Shona, getting to know as many of you as possible and being of service as your new union develops and you move forward together.

May God’s blessing be upon us all.

Rev. Brian Oxburgh

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