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Inchbrayock Church - Ferryden

Situated in Church Road Ferryden, Inchbrayock was the local Church of Scotland Parish Church of this historic fishing village. It was originally built in the gothic style as a Free Church in 1843, but later became a Church of Scotland building when the Free Church congregation re- United with the national church.


The original single storey building was built of Scurdie rock, quarried from the Scurdieness foreshore.

During the tenure of the Rev. George Williams. (1893 - 1900)

the walls were heightened, with sandstone being used.

This can be clearly seen when looking at the west elevation of the building from the end of Eskview Terrace.

Finally, when the Rev Evan McDonald Ross was minister

(1909 to 1915) three supporting girders were removed

and replaced with two girders salvaged from the collapsed

Tay Rail Bridge.

These have supported the roof and the north and south walls until the present- day.

Tommv Easton

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