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A fond farewell

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The folk at Trinity Church @ Steeple (formerly Montrose: Old & St Andrews) gathered for worship on Sunday 27th August to give their thanks and to say a fond farewell to Revd Dr Ian McLean as he headed towards retirement.

The praise was led by the town band and worship was led by Ian McLean and he said later it was a day full of surprises.

Ian was ordained in May 1981 by the Presbytery of Aberdeen and inducted to Aberdeen: Summerhill where he served for 27 years before answering the call to serve the congregation of Montrose: Old & St Andrews. Inducted to that congregation in June 2008 he served for over 15 years until the union in August 2023 when he became part of the team Ministry of Montrose Trinity Church of Scotland.

Ian also served as Presbytery Clerk in Aberdeen and Clerk and depute in Angus and acted as Assistant Chaplain to the UK Oil and Gas Chaplaincy for 12 years mostly on an "on call" basis.

In saying thank you to Ian the congregation presented him with a painting from the artist Linda Hoskins. The painting commissioned by the congregation is an interpretation of Psalm 107 v 29 "He stilled the storm to a whisper" and is titled "to the storm be still". There were also vouchers for dinner, bed and breakfast for 2 in Cromix House Hotel.

Speaking on behalf father congregation Elaine Allan Session Clerk coined the acronym of Ian's name "I AM CLEAN":

  • I for Ian

  • A for Approachable

  • M for Minister

  • C for Commitment

  • L for Leadership

  • E could only be for Elaine

  • A for Anchor

  • N for Nurtured

Beth Wylie and pupils played during the lunch that followed in the hall, Song Shop gave a performance the Ian was presented with a quaich from the British Legion.

We wish Ian and his wife Elaine every best wish as they settle into a gentler way of life.

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