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Youth Club

1010 light.jpg

The 10:10 Youth Club meets weekly in term-time on Thursdays at 7.00 - 8.30pm in Trinity Ferryden Hall.  It is for youngsters aged 10 and over and has a membership of 15 - 20 youngsters, many of whom have joined up after the holiday club.   They enjoy a variety of fun activities, indoor and outdoors, as well as going on visits and holding events for parents and members of the congregation.  Each week there is an interactive Bible based teaching spot.

The photos below show some events.  New members always welcome.  It's great fun!

hoodies 1010.jpg

New Hoodies for 10:10

1010 craft.jpg

10:10 at an outdoor session making boats

scottish quiz.jpg

A family fun Scottish Quiz night run by 10:10

Pete's bonfire night.jpg

10:10 Guy Fawkes bonfire, fireworks and hot chocolate night

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