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Youth Work

There's a  lot of youth work going on in Trinity Church.  We would be very pleased to welcome children and families into the church on a Sunday or at any of these clubs.

MyPlay arranges toddler groups for 0-3year olds.  That's part of MYPlace which is run by Shona Barakat, our Youth and Family Worker.  She works in schools and in the community as well as in the churches.  

In the summer holidays there are two holiday clubs each of one week -  one in Trinity Steeple Halls and the other in Trinity Ferryden Halls.  The Steeple one caters for children from age 3 up to the end of Primary 7 while the Ferryden one caters for children going into Primary 1 up to Secondary 1.


Then we have a weekly term time youth club 10:10, for young folks who are aged 10 and over in Trinity Ferryden Halls. 

And if you would like to accompany your children to "church"  then look out for Lego Church and Messy Church  which  run approximately monthly in Trinity Steeple Halls.

But this is just an introduction  - read more by clicking the links below.

MYPlace         Holiday Clubs         10:10 Youth Club        Messy Church 



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