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Why a Union?

2023 sees one of the most major upheavals in the church in Scotland since the Great Disruption of 1843.

Throughout the country, churches are closing and congregations are amalgamating at a greater rate than ever before. This has been brought about by falling numbers, too many old buildings, a shortage of ministers and the realisation that the church will only be strengthened by a return to emphasis on mission.

Here in Montrose, we have in fact got off more lightly than in other parts with our three congregations now united into one – Montrose Trinity. In Arbroath, for example, nine congregations are being brought together as one.


Complicating these changes for us, sadly, is the retiral of Rev. Ian Maclean in August and then Rev. Geoff Redmayne moving to pastures new in October.


So, seriously ALL CHANGE.

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