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Rev. Ian Gray

Ordained Local Minister (OLM) and Locum

I am a Gable-ender through and through.... born and raised in Montrose and never moved. 

Brought up in the United Free Church of Scotland where my dad was an Elder and Church Officer.

I joined Montrose Old Church soon after my son, Jamie, was baptized, and where I began my Readership studies.

I was "Set Apart" as a Reader in the Church of Scotland in 2000 during Lawrence Whitley's Moderatorial year of Angus Presbytery. Then in 2011, Readers were given the opportunity of Ordination, and after a further year of study, through Aberdeen University, I was ordained on the 27th of August 2013, (on my 30th Wedding Anniversary), as an OLM, (Ordained Local Minister), at Edzell Parish Church, where I was working as a PPW, (Presbytery and Parish Worker). I am now the OLM at Montrose Old and St Andrews.

I am currently serving at Dun and Hillside Church where I have been their Locum for around a year.  

I have further commitments in Arbroath St Andrews, where I am part of the pastoral team and conduct their midweek worship service every Wednesday.

I am also Chaplain to Montrose Football Club. 

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