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Prayer meeting returns to in person meetings

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Prayer, both personal and corporate, is the bedrock of the Christian Faith. Nicky Gumbel writing in the foreword to Pete Greig's book "How to pray: a simple guide for normal people" (a recommended read) says "Prayer is the most important activity of our lives. It is the way in which we develop a relationship with our Father in heaven. Jesus prayed, and taught us to do the same. Prayer brings us peace, refreshes our souls, satisfies our spiritual hunger and assures us of our forgiveness. Prayer not only changes us but changes situations." Prayer together adds an extra dimension to all of that.

There has been a long tradition of a parish prayer meeting in what was MS&F Church and its earlier constituents of both Melville South and Inchbrayock Churches. During lockdown when we couldn't meet in person the Prayer Meeting adapted and found a comfortable home on WhatsApp. So comfortable that we were loathe to leave the comfort of our homes and begin to meet in person again and the fact that folk just didn't get the opportunity to discuss it. That was until last night (Thursday 14th September) when the Prayer Meeting met in person in the Philos Hub and was well attended. Subjects covered in prayer ranges from the Church, its activities and the Union as it beds in, to situations in the world and to people we know.

A discussion ensued and the decision was made to continue to meet each Thursday evening in the Philos Community Hub, Castle Street, Montrose, DD10 8AQ for an hour of prayer 7.00-8.00pm. An open invitation is extended to all who may like to join us in prayer and for those who are not sure it is quite acceptable just to sit and listen and add your own silent prayers.

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