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Thursday Grow Group

every second Thursday




High Croft

Montrose DD10 9SD, UK

At Montrose Trinity, we want to find out what God is saying to us. How much He loves us, why Jesus died for us, how God wants us to live and behave. As well as attending our weekly worship services, many people enjoy exploring these topics in smaller groups. For this, we have Grow Groups.

So what is a Grow Group? 

This is a chance to get together as a small group, read scripture or watch faith-based videos, discuss and pray.   The Thursday Morning Group has met over several years and has  just finished reading all of the New Testament a bit at a time.   They have shared what they have learned or what they have found difficult or encouraging and have thought how it applies to everyday life.  

We are now moving on to use the Bible course prepared by the Bible Society.  Over its 8 sessions we will be watching videos covering the whole bible followed by discussion.

Growing faith is the aim of the Grow Group.   If you would like to learn more about the Christian faith then why not join in?  You can contribute as much or as little as you wish in an informal setting with like-minded people.  And of course, the usual cuppa is served!  

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