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Celebrating Harvest

This Sunday all parts of the Montrose Trinity gather as one Church in Trinity Church @ Ferryden for a joint service of Harvest Thanksgiving. A time to celebrate and give thanks for God's goodness in the bounty of the land and of the sea. A time also to reflect that we can give from the bounty we have to those less fortunate than ourselves whether at home or overseas.

The service will be led by Rev Geoff Redmayne with Rev Ian Gray and Mr Alan Fraser taking part. We will reflect on where our harvest comes from and we will hear something of the work of Tearfund in helping others gain their own Harvest. There will be the opportunity to give food to Montrose Foodhub and also to give financially to the work of Tearfund.

Montrose Food Hub require the following items to maintain their emergency stocks: Pasta * Pasta sauce * Rice * Cereal * UHT milk * Tea * Coffee * Tuna/canned fish * Baked beans * Tinned Soup * Tinned/jar hotdogs * Tinned minced beef/macaroni * Tinned meat * Tinned fruit * Packet/tinned custard * Tinned tomatoes * Toilet roll * Shower gel * Toothpaste * Deodorant.

The service is at 11.00am in Trintiy Church @ Ferryden, Church Road, Ferryden, DD10 9RJ. Please not there is limited parking outside the Church at the top of Church Road. Able bodied drivers who are brining less able passengers are asked to drop them off and then return to the bottom of the hill to park - thank you.

A live stream of the service is available here

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