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Worship around Montrose Trinity for Sunday 27th August

There will be services of worship at 11.00am in all three of our worship hubs this Sunday.

Revd Geoff Redmayne will lead worship at Trinity Church @ Hillside (Old School Way, Hillside, DD10 9JG) where there will also be the sacrament of Baptism.

At Trinity Church @ The Steeple (127 High Street, Montrose, DD10 9QN) Revd Ian McLean will lead worship. This will be Ian's last service as team minister as he retires at the end of the month after 15 years of service in Old & St Andrews Church and the people of Montrose. Ian became team minister of Montrose Trinity Church at the union on the 3rd August. We wish Ian a happy retirement.

The worship Team will lead the worship at Trinity Church @ Ferryden (Church Road, Ferryden, DD10 9RJ). A livestream of the service is available on our YouTube channel.

Image by Tep Ro at Pixabay

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