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Worship around Montrose Trinity for Sunday 29th October

Worship will take place in two out of three of our locations this Sunday. Unfortunately we are still waiting for council contractors to remove the tree that is blocking the entrance at Hillside - so the Church building at Hillside will remain closed this Sunday. Folk who normally worship at Hillside are encouraged to join the folk for worship at either The Steeple or Ferrdyen.

The service at Ferrdyen at 11.00am this week will led by Rev Geoff Redmayne. This will be Geoff's last service in Montrose Trinity as he retires at the end of the month. Geoff came as Minister to the new union of Montrose South and Ferryden Church in October 2016 and became Team Minister of Montrose Trinity at the union in August. Events have already been held to mark his service but there will be a final farewell presentation at the conclusion of worship on Sunday.

The service at the Steeple this week at 11.00am will be led by Brian Ramsay.

A livestream will be available from the service in Ferryden on the Trinity Church @ Ferryden Youtube channel

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