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Worship around Montrose for Sunday 5th November

Last Sunday was Rev Geoff Redmayne's last service before he retired, He and Sharon were thanked for 7 years of faithful service and presented with various gifts. We wish them a happy and well deserved retirement. This leaves us with two vacancies at Montrose Trinity church. We are grateful to all those people who have been and will be filling our pulpits over this time of vacancies. Our thanks to Rev Ian Gray our OLM who remains.

All three worship hubs will be in operation this week. Trinity Church at the Steeple has Rev Brian Oxburgh preaching, while in Trinity Church at Hillside Rev Ian Gray will lead worship with Gavin Drummond, our Interim Moderator, taking the service at Trinity Church at Ferryden.

The livestream link for the service at Ferryden is

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