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Your family is your greatest mission field.

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Your family is your greatest mission field.

Not a people who doesn’t have the Bible printed in their language yet.

Not the local youth group.

Not the child you sponsor in Ethiopia.

Not the target audience of the book you’re writing.

Not the prison you visit.

Yes, they are all important too, but…

God wants you right where you are.

He wants you showing His love to those who are around you all the time.

He wants you to be a living example of His grace.

He wants your family to see Him in you.

They are the people you can show His great mercy and forgiveness to the most, as they see every facet of your personality, day in, day out.

They see you doing God’s work.

They see how you respond to situations.

They see your struggles.

If they see God win, in you, every day, they will surely see His greatness.

So keep changing those nappies, with a good attitude.

Keep wiping those tears, and hugging away those sorrows.

Keep listening to your spouse and children with an open heart.

Keep being available to them

and, above all

Keep praying for and with and over them.

They are your greatest mission-field.

Kate Duncan

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