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All change

There are big changes coming in how the Church of Scotland is organised across Montrose. The three Church of Scotland congregations (Dun & Hillside, Montrose: Old & St Andrews & Montrose: South & Ferryden) are moving from a one minister one church model to a team ministry. Instead of three ministers of word and sacrament serving three individual congregations and three parishes there will essentially be ONE congregation, albeit, with THREE worship centres served by a team of Three - TWO Ministers of Word and Sacrament and ONE Ministries Development Staff with a focus on families. The new church will be known as Montrose Trinity Church of Scotland and the plans are to have worship centres in the centre of town, in Hillside and in Ferryden though these may not be in existing buildings. The background to the change and more detail on what is involved is given in the Montrose Trinity Newsletter, The Basis of Union and The Basis of Team Ministry (links below).

Theses are exciting times in the church - a time to reset and refocus on the mission of Christ, a time to serve our communities.

Members and adherents of the congregations are invited to attend congregational meetings in their respective churches on Sunday 14th May following morning worship to discuss the upcoming changes and register their vote. Please note people can only vote in person in the congregation where they are a member.

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